Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Lily Monitors the Playground from Under her Favorite Bench

Recently, Sadie enjoyed a day at Assateague Island. While Sadie was sniffing ponies, chasing waves and rolling in the sand at the beach, Lily monitored the playground in Fairmount. She did this from a fantastic vantage point - underneath the bench. The playground was cleaned a few weeks ago. Holes were filled with dirt and leveled. New grass was planted where the dogs had beaten down the grass into dirt paths. Branches were picked up, and trash was removed. Lily has taken a renewed interest in her old puppy hiding spot - the safe zone under the bench. When she was a few months old, it was the place to retreat when the big dogs became a bit too much for her to handle. Now it's the perfect place to relax in the sun. It's not quite as glamorous as Sadie's beach blanket, but it will do on a city summer afternoon.

MM & RY 2009