Wednesday, May 27, 2009

#WeekendRoadtrip Travel Logistics

Sadie and Lily's #WeekendRoadTrip Ride

Sadie and Lily thoroughly enjoyed sharing some information about three of their favorite destinations - Graceland, Brazil and the Delmarva Peninsula - during the #WeekendRoadtrip held over the 2009 Memorial Day weekend. We explored Wikipedia articles and Flickr photo streams to showcase some of the best online materials we could find related to these settings.

The event was sponsored by two of our Twitter Anipals, @GD_Kenworth and @Flicka47. They worked to organize the event, and along with many others who served as tourguides, bartenders, DJs, competition hosts, and event MCs, Anipals partied around the world for over 24 hours to raise money for Veteran's K-9 Corps.

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Fairmount Dog Stories Tweeples created a map of the global destinations shared by all of the #weekendroadtrip tourguides. An event Wiki was created that shows the entire electronic pawprint of the event. Folks shared photos and videos, stories and adventures throughout the weekend. Perhaps more than previous #pawpawty events, this one truly captured Anipal Twitterpower, since the entire theme was one of connecting global geographic settings for the goal of raising funds for animals in need.

As for Sadie and Lily, they are eager to pull out the Airstream trailer for another adventure in the near future. In the meantime we can be found in the throws of a Rawhide War most any evening on Twitter.

MM & RY 2009

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Friday, May 22, 2009

We are going to Delmarva for a #WeekendRoadtrip

Sadie and Lily are going to visit the Delmarva Peninsula for the upcoming #pawpawty called #WeekendRoadtrip sponsored by Twitter Anipals. This region is located within an hour's drive of Philadelphia. It is home to lots of Atlantic Ocean and Chesapeake Bay shore lines, navigable rivers, and wildlife settings. Sadie in particular loves to visit friends and family who live in the area. Sadie loves to run across Salisbury University's campus and walk along the sandy shores of the Chesapeake Bay in Kent Island. Lily and Sadie both love the sounds and smells of migrating birds throughout the fall and spring across the region. Everyone enjoys bargain hunting at flee markets and antique shops in the small towns throughout the region. We will share with you some of our favorite places and things to do, along with stories about some of Sadie's antics on Delmarva.

Sadie is ready to run on Salisbury University's Campus

MM & RY 2009

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Rawhide Wars Continued

Sadie is Winning!

We post about the nightly rawhide skirmishes of Sadie and Lily on a regular basis at our Twitter feed, @dogstories. 

The stories are true - Sadie and Lily are each given their own rawhide or other safe chewy nearly every night. Inevitably, Sadie ends up with both rawhides or chewies, despite the fact that Lily is ten times her size. But, Lily is a gentle giant, so her response to Sadie's hoarding ways is to whine and give in to the nightly injustice. We moderate as best we can, but Sadie is relentless in her quest for rawhide treats.

We feature Rawhide Wars  competitions in honor of Sadie and Lily's ludicrous ways.  You can join by following dogstories on Twitter. To play, simply DM (direct message) us whenever you see the phrase: "Sadie is Winning!" in our dogstories tweets. The first to respond will have their pet profiled on our blog, Fairmount Dog Stories.

You you are cordially invited to join in the fun of Sadie and Lily's Rawhide Wars antics!

MM & RY 2009