Monday, March 23, 2009

In The Doghouse - of Fairmount

In the Doghouse is Fairmount's own pet boutique. You can visit the store on Fairmount Avenue, the commercial center of our neighborhood in Center City Philadelphia. If you do, you will find friendly service, lots of great products for your pet, and an opportunity to meet and greet Anipals from the shop and neighborhood. Don't forget to bring your pup along, because your dog is always welcome at the shop!

Once a month In the Doghouse sponsors a pet adoption day. Lots of Sadie and Lily's Furry Friends have found their homes through the great work that In the Doghouse has been doing for the past three years to place dogs in loving family homes. Over 50 dogs and cats have new homes because of In the Doghouse and their partner for Pet Adoption day, Paws.

So the next time you visit our neighborhood in Philadelphia, don't forget to stop by to greet store pets Eli and Atticus, the pugs of In the Dog House, their humans, and lots of dog loving folks in Fairmount.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Sadie's Winning Rawhide War Tactics

Every night Sadie and Lily engage in Rawhide Wars. Rawhide Wars is a prolonged competition between the two of them over the two chewies they have been given to knaw on for the evening. We originally began giving chewies to the dogs as a means of preserving the few corners of baseboard moulding that Sadie neglected to destroy as a puppy. As the dogs have aged, it has become a nightly ritual that signifies to the dogs we are settling in for the evening.

Rawhide wars begin with each dog receiving their chewy. Sadie takes one, pushes it across the kitchen floor with her nose, and then picks it up and darts into the living room as fast as her paws will carry her. Lily looks on in disbelief (every night) as this happens. Sadie returns, at full throttle. She grabs the second chewy and returns to the living room with speed, gusto and a little bouce at the end for emphasis. Lily follows her slowly, as if to suggest she knows a struggle lies ahead. Sadie begins to chew, Lily watches and whines.

We arbitrate by giving Lily one of the two chewies that Sadie has hoarded. But, often Lily declines until Sadie has softened it up a bit. Sadie gives up her chewy without a fight. However, she plays possum by pretending to sleep. Lily chews but lets her guard down. When Lily becomes complacent in her ways, Sadie pops up, takes the chewy again, and Lily recommences her whining. This goes on until both dogs and all the people are tired, every night.

MM and RY 2009

Monday, March 16, 2009

Sadie and Lily's St. Patrick's Day Rawhide War at Twitter's PawPawty

Tomorrow, there is going to be a pawpawty - on Twitter! It was the idea of several pet bloggers using Twitter, hatched as #catparty became a trending tweme on Sunday, March 15, 2009.

See for details on the event that starts Tuesday, March 17 and extends for 24 hours beginning at 3 pm EST in the U.S. on Twitter. You will be able to follow all the #pawpawty tweets here.

Sadie and Lily will be there leading the Rawhide War competition from 6:00 - 8:00 PM and 11:00 - Midnight EST from their spot in Philadelphia, PA - USA.

Here is how to participate in Sadie and Lily's St. Patrick's Day Rawhide War: When Dogstories tweets about Rawhide War activities during the party, send a direct message (DM) to Dogstories. Each first tweeter to respond to each Rawhide Tweet gets featured in our next dog story about the party event.

Join us tomorrow!

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MM & RY 2009