Saturday, February 7, 2009

Tips for dealing with Sadie's Ways

We have commented that Sadie's Ways are highly energetic and sometimes mischievous. Here are some of our tips on how to handle your small dog with a big personality!

1. Keep Sadie guessing. We love to provoke Sadie's higher thought processes by instigating new thoughts. We hide her noisy toys under blankets and pillows, give a squeak, and enjoy watching her solve the puzzle of its location.

2. Encourage Sadie to wait. Sadie has lots of energy. She is also very attentive to the things, sounds, smells, tastes she loves. We ask her to wait a little longer than she would like for some of those favorites. She has developed good skills in being patient and calm.

3. Establish a Sadie-only routine. We live with two dogs, and their temperaments could not be more distinct. Sadie loves to participate in rituals and routines that are directed towards her. She and Lily, our boxer, are famous friends. But Sadie thrives on getting just a little special attention. She has a morning coffee and paper routine all her own. She jumps out of bed, and runs to the kitchen. While coffee is brewing, Sadie gets a tiny treat all her own. Lily hangs back and continues her nap. When Sadie is done, she runs back to Lily and grooms her for good measure.

4. At least once a day, Sadie gets a special walk around the block. It takes 5 minutes. She has the opportunity to sniff to her hearts content while Lily keeps watch on her stoop. When Sadie returns, she gets another special treat: a giant, wiggly greeting from Lily!

MM & RY 2009