Saturday, October 31, 2009

Lily's Tips for Dealing with Grumpy Dog Behavior

Lily is enduring Sadie's endless grumbles in response to stimulation from the street. We live in a densely populated urban neighborhood, so there are a lot of street sounds that our dogs deal with every day. Just a few noise sources are buses, honking horns, footsteps and voices, dogs barking, loud machinery and the occasional hoots and hollers from homes and restaurants. We have the added street activity of Terror Behind the Walls and Halloween underway. All of this adds up to Sadie-the-grump: lots of vocalizing in response to the noise from outside of our walls. Here are Lily's top three coping strategies for dealing with Sadie the Grump

1. Take a nap. Lily never seems to mind getting a little extra sleep, especially on gray and rainy days.
2. Snuggle in. Lily is a snuggler. She could even be accused of attempting to be a lap puppy, even though she three and almost 80 lbs.
3. Let Sadie win. Sadie is a tiny bit competitive. One of Lily's most endearing qualities is that she waits for Sadie the Squirt to eat, nibble cheese and even receive affection before jumping in line for hers.

MM & RY 2009

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