Monday, September 29, 2008

Resource Links for the Fairmount Dog Adjustments to the Recession

We have received some inquiries about our post on the adjustments Sadie and Lily are making to cope with hard economic times. Interest has focused in particular on the need for cheap toys. One suggestion that we can share is that many toys found in retail stores can be found in the Dollar store for, well, one dollar. We have also found that Ross stores now sell dog items at discount prices as compared with department stores.

Our scan of the dog blogosphere has revealed that with a few items on hand at home, one can create toys too! Here are some of the items that these make-it-yourself posts will require: old socks, tennis balls, paper towel tubes, and duct tape (no that is not a joke). Obviously it is important to monitor your dog's toy play to ensure their safety when they experiment with new items.

See what you think of these ideas we came across!

Make and Build Stuff: features the Paddio Stick toy
Small Dog Paradise: features toys made of socks
Dog Topics:
article discussing multiple uses of plastic bottles
Geomestic: article discusses how to sew toys and recycle bones

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Frogs and the Fairmount Dogs

Sadie and Lily met living frogs this weekend. We posted about that here and here. We began to wonder whether we had correctly identified that in fact they observed frogs as opposed to toads. We searched several Internet sites to see what we could find out. We think they were in fact frogs due to the bulging eyes, smooth skin, and long legs upon consulting the frog-toad comparison chart found at We quickly came to the conclusion that we know very little about frogs. Given that Sadie in particular seems to be attracted to them, along with all of her other forest friends, we thought it was worth sharing some sites on frogs you might find of interest.

The Exploratorium Frog Resource Page
The Digital Frog Blog
Frog Matters
Jumping Frog Research Institute