Saturday, July 19, 2008

Sadie's Favorite Spots: Entrance to the Roof Deck

Sadie, of Sadie and Lily, is at boarding again. This happens when our schedules do not allow one of us to get home during the day. We have explored many options for caring for Sadie in such circumstances. We experimented with doggie day care last fall. We have considered dog walkers. We have set up pet sitting services that we never actually use. We have imported our teen family members to tend to the Fairmount Dogs. We have found that every one of these solutions works great for Lily and not so great for Sadie. We are coming to terms with the fact that little Sadie is high maintenance.

We adore Sadie and all her charms despite the fact that 90% of the dog chores in this household ultimately stem from her antics. How do we know? Boarding. Lily on her own is the easiest, most laid back, gentle spirited creature. She greets us with a warm wiggle and nudge and shadows us around the house without demands. She communicates her needs by looking at what she wants. She waits patiently for someone to notice and help her out. She is instantly responsive to any out of the ordinary activity or sound, with the obvious intent to protect and defend her people. She is mellow.

When Sadie the squirt is on the scene, Lily is transformed into a more anxious version of her normally sweet self. The squirt's high energy style interrupts Lily's laid back deliberations.

Since Sadie is away at boarding we have noticed that one of her favorite Spots has gone unoccupied during the past two days: the Entrance to the Roof Deck. Sadie likes to visit the roof deck to bark at the dogs below and run puppy crazies (she still has them) back and forth with Lily chasing. Lily enjoys time on the roof too, but almost always in sleep mode.

In honor of Sadie's hiatus, we share this picture of her at the entrance. She returns home today. We are making the necessary preparations.

Monday, July 7, 2008

Sadie's Favorite Spots: Bread*

The opening of Bread* was highly anticipated in the Fairmount Neighborhood of Philadelphia a few months ago. Phillyblog was filled with posts describing the benefits of a neighborhood bakery and the readiness of neighbors to receive it.

It is located on the 2300 block of Wallace Street. During its first few months of operation, a small cafe was set up in what used to be a parlor at the front of the reconditioned row home where the bakery now resides. The cafe was removed last week due to complaints from a neighbor. The owners of Bread* are appealing the decision, and hopefully the cafe can be restored.

Sadie loves Bread* for one simple reason. She gets to taste baked treats on her walks. The bakery is located on one of our walk routes. We stop and get coffee and scones to go. Our Avatar is from the grill work of a door nearby. Bread is one of those cool places that has a chalkboard menu. Sadie likes to smell everything that Bread has to offer.

We hope the cafe reopens soon!