Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Lily's Long Walks: Love Park

Lily loves to take long walks in the City of Philadelphia. One of our favorite places to visit is Love Park. Recently we became Facebook Friends of Love Park. We think this is cool. Now we receive announcements of upcoming events and news of interest related to the park.

One of the best parts about Love Park is that it has a hip, pop culture history. It was (and still is) a haven for skate boarders. It attracts tourists, Center City lunchers, wi-fi users, homeless folks, photographers, rap artists, dogs (like Sadie and Lily), and splashing kids. Many of these groups are not supposed to use the park but still do. Therein lies what is cool about Love Park.

We are fans of Youtube videos from its glory days as an international skateboard destination. Philadelphians attribute the arrival of the X-Games to the city as a direct result of its global distinction as a skateboarders hot spot. Some call Love Part the world's greatest natural skateboard park because of its modernistic, hard edged sixties architectural style. See for yourself, here is some popular Youtube footage of the park in use by skateboarding greats.

Friday, June 13, 2008

Sadie's Favorite Spots: The Hill Tea Bar

Today, Sadie had to visit the vet for routine vaccinations. Sadie and Lily are Fairmount Dogs, but their vet is in another neighborhood called Mt. Airy. Sadie spends extra time at the vet because she is sometimes boarded there as well. The staff seem to know her pretty well. Her behavior there improves with each visit. That is a good thing, because her first visit involved growling at the doctor. We had a similar experience the first time she was groomed. She received a report card. On it was a grade for her conduct: "D" for difficult.

After vaccines, we took a long walk in Chestnut Hill. We enjoyed tea and a cranberry scone at The Hill Tea Bar. The tea was refreshing, the scone fresh and tasty. Best of all, there was a water bowl waiting for Sadie at the side of the table. We were welcome to take our time in the outdoor cafe area. The cafe setting is across the street from a pocket park on the corner of Hartwell Lane and Germantown Avenue.

The Hill Tea Bar is now one of Sadie's favorite spots. You can follow The Hill Tea Bar schedule of events on their blog, subtitled: Tea Lovers Meeting Place to Share Tea Information and Ideas.

After our morning of good fortunes - an all's healthy report, a fun walk at the top of the Hill, and a refreshing tea and scone diversion - Sadie relaxed in the back seat of the car on the drive home.

Monday, June 9, 2008

Sadie and Lily's Web 2.0 Favorites, Part 5: Online Communities

We conclude our series of favorite Web 2.0 applications with a focus on pet oriented social network applications. People connect through social network sites such as Myspace, Facebook, and Friendster. Dog owners and lovers often use these same applications to share tidbits of information about their furry loved ones with their online networks of friends. However, some new applications are gaining popularity because they feature the pets as the central participant of the social network. Two worth mentioning are's Online Dog Pen and

The Online Dog Pen is similar in structure to Facebook and Myspace in that pets owners/pets can have their own profiles, participate in message boards, write on each other's walls, share and comment on photographs, and participate in Affinity groups. For instance, Sadie and Lily have joined both the small and large dog groups of The Online Dog Pen for obvious reasons! You can see our Online Dog Pen Profile here.

DoggySnaps is unique because the entire focus of the social network is on the dogs themselves. Dogs are members of kennels, and they can recieve comments and treats. Dogs who have departed this world can receive tributes. As with other social networking applications, DoggySnaps supports friends. DoggySnaps stands out from the crowd for its easy-to-use interface and straightforward networking approach. Visit dogs, give a bone and kind comment, and view photos of the beloved pets of your new virtual kennel friends. You can visit our kennel here.

Both of these applications are lots of fun for pet lovers and enthusiasts. The niche approach to social network applications is sure to become a hot trend in the wild world of Web 2.0 innovations.

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Sadie and Lily's Web 2.0 Favorites, Part 4: Feedjit

Fairmount Dog Stories: Lifestyles of the Urban Dog has had readers from Belgium, Brazil, HongKong, and the United States since it was launched two weeks ago. If you are interested in knowing more about the connections between the your blog and geography on the ground, check out Feedjit. It is a widget that shows live feeds to our blog. You can even see yourself in the profile. We are experimenting with using Feedjit and other web 2.0 tools for creating communities and networks among our readers. We will keep you posted about our fans on the ground!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Sadie and Lily's Web 2.0 Favorites, Part 3: Lijit

Fairmount Dog Stories has gone Lijit. We have added a search tool to this blog that allows our readers to navigate content from all our blogs and blog rolls. This is just one of the innovative tools we find improving the ways in which dog loving communities are able to form and share fun and useful information online. Lijit is easy to use, update and install as a widget on your blog. Features we like the best include a log of searched keywords related to your blogs and tracking of the traffic related to the use of the widget.

My blog by Ouriel Review - May 2007 - Ouriel reviews utility of Lijit for bloggers.

Lijit Blog - Posts on new features, uses, and directions for Lijit.

Monday, June 2, 2008

Sadie and Lily's Web 2.0 Favorites, Part 2: Bring Fido

One of the most worthwhile benefits of adding dogs to our household has been the opportunity to meet new people and share the our experiences of caring for and being cared for by our pets. There are lots of great ways to meet pet owners on the ground in our communities and online through the growing set of web communities that connect people around their interest in pets. We recently discovered Bringfido, an online interactive events calendar that you can update with your event. The best feature of this easy to use tool is that events are indexed geographically by state. You simply click on the state of interest for finding events and all the events in that state that have been posted will be listed. - An online, interactive dog event calendar that supports map searches for dog events near you. Other features include a tool for finding hotels that accommodate pets, an index of policies for traveling with pets on airlines, and top dog destinations for travelers.

If you know of other similar map search tools related to pet events, please comment or send an email to: We plan to create an index of all map search tools related to pet events in the near future.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Sadie and Lily's Web 2.0 Favorites, Part 1: Scrapblog

Fairmount Dog Stories, The Adventures of Sadie and Lily, has been created as a sandbox for exploring the interactive web, sometimes called web 2.0, and dog communities and lifestyles. Our focus is on experiences and needs of urban dog owners. There are lots of fun developments for blogging enthusiasts. We will share a few you might enjoy in this and future posts! Today we are featuring Scrapblog. It's fun, easy to use and kid friendly. - The online tool for creating and sharing scrapbooks with family and friends. Check out Sadie and Lily's Scrapblog here.