Saturday, May 31, 2008

Rainy Day Blues: Tips on Indoor Dog Activities

We are following up on our post in Fairmount Dog Stories on Rainy Day Blues. It is a problem all dog owners face from time to time. We do not relish the idea of walking Sadie and Lily in the rain, and they get a tad restless as the hours pass. For those of us in large urban centers and few options but to suit up, buckle down and trek out in the elements, gear matters.

We are well equipped with a few essential water proof items: boots suitable for rain and snow, hooded outer-ware because holding umbrellas is tricky with more than one dog, and an over-the-shoulder bag to hold essentials.

We have mixed experiences with the use of dog outer-ware. Sadie doesn't mind clothing, but Lily resists. She usually finds a wall to rub against until she has shed whatever garment we have attempted to use on her. Our solution has been to stock our front entry with towels and wipes for the return to avoid tracking mud and water through the house.

Here are some suggestions you might find handy on your rainy day blues with our canine friends.

Cesar Millan recommends letting your dog test the weather first. Read more here.

Go with the flow like Coco the Blogging Dog.

Consider having fun with one of these Five Rainy Day Indoor Dog Activities.

Friday, May 30, 2008

Oh The One That We Do Not Name Resource Suggestions

Earlier today we posted our story about the temperaments of our dogs Sadie and Lily. We are avid fans of the Dog Whisperer, Cesar Millan. Unfortunately, we do not always achieve the same results at home with our pets. For some reason, we cannot walk into the room, whisper sshh and achieve Cesar's results. We strive for that day, but we are not there yet.

Instead, we rely on lots of other resources and tools - books, websites with pet information, and participating in local and online communities to get suggestions about how to address common problems. Our vet is also a great source of information for us. Here are our links of the day for helping meet behavior and community support needs of the pups.

Dogwise - This website provides access to a comprehensive collection of books and training materials related to dog behavior.

Arkanimals - This website features articles and blog posts about both domestic pet and wild animal behavior and management issues. - Gear for dogs with great collection of gentle leader products; also you can join the Muttropolis Communtity. It's facebook/myspace for dogs. We did, you can see our profile here. Join and sign our wall, we would love to add your pup as a friend!

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Keeping a Small Ecological Pawprint

We have a few strategies for preventing our young dogs from placing an undo burden on the planet's ecology. We use biodegradable products to clean up after them. We purchase leashes and collars made of renewable fibers. We feed them with high quality organic food made in the U.S. to cut down on shipping impacts. We use natural products to reduce pesticides they come in contact with. There are more steps that we can take to foster eco-friendly pet practices.

We also find that walking our dogs improves our fitness, which enables us to walk to work more frequently and leave the car parked.

A Bone to Pick's ecofriendly product page has a collection of products for your eco-friendly pet.

Here are some additional links related to eco-friendly pet practices:

Eco Friendly Furry Friends
Eco Friendly Pet Care
Raise a Green Dog Blog

Collar or Harness? Sadie's Top 3

Our dog Sadie is on the tiny side. We weighed her in last weekend - she's 13.8 lbs.

We received great advice from one of our friends at In the Dog House early on: harnesses work great for dogs on the tiny side.

We have our favorite Fairmount located shops and services permalinked to Fairmount Dog Stories. Here are three more of our favorite sources for harnesses.

Bella Paris - Online boutique that specializes in harness vests and dresses

Up Country Inc - Sadie has "Dottie Stripe"

WalkBuddy Gear - Specializing in gear to make walking the dog more manageable