Saturday, October 31, 2009

Lily's Tips for Dealing with Grumpy Dog Behavior

Lily is enduring Sadie's endless grumbles in response to stimulation from the street. We live in a densely populated urban neighborhood, so there are a lot of street sounds that our dogs deal with every day. Just a few noise sources are buses, honking horns, footsteps and voices, dogs barking, loud machinery and the occasional hoots and hollers from homes and restaurants. We have the added street activity of Terror Behind the Walls and Halloween underway. All of this adds up to Sadie-the-grump: lots of vocalizing in response to the noise from outside of our walls. Here are Lily's top three coping strategies for dealing with Sadie the Grump

1. Take a nap. Lily never seems to mind getting a little extra sleep, especially on gray and rainy days.
2. Snuggle in. Lily is a snuggler. She could even be accused of attempting to be a lap puppy, even though she three and almost 80 lbs.
3. Let Sadie win. Sadie is a tiny bit competitive. One of Lily's most endearing qualities is that she waits for Sadie the Squirt to eat, nibble cheese and even receive affection before jumping in line for hers.

MM & RY 2009

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Happy Howloween

Sadie and Lily are getting ready to Pawty for Howloween, the latest Pawpawty sponsored by Twitter Anipals. Sadie and Lily want to thank @fergusthedog for including us as DJs for this event. We groove to tunes tomorrow, Sunday October 25, at 7 am eastern time for an hour.

For more information about the event visit these links:

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Thursday, July 9, 2009

Sadie's New Bling from IntheDogHouse

Sadie began her mascot duties with ITSRG, Temple University's Information Technology and Society Research Group - ITSRG - this week. Her duties include: accompanying students in the program on field trips, visiting the Wissahickon Park, and being an excellent companion to the talented and dedicated staff of ITSRG.

We thought it would be a good idea if she started her position with a new outfit and bling. So, we headed to our neighborhood pet products establishment - In the Dog House - and we worked with the owner to pick out the cutest matching harness and leash we could find for her new job.

Here she is in her new polka dots! What do you think?

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Lily Monitors the Playground from Under her Favorite Bench

Recently, Sadie enjoyed a day at Assateague Island. While Sadie was sniffing ponies, chasing waves and rolling in the sand at the beach, Lily monitored the playground in Fairmount. She did this from a fantastic vantage point - underneath the bench. The playground was cleaned a few weeks ago. Holes were filled with dirt and leveled. New grass was planted where the dogs had beaten down the grass into dirt paths. Branches were picked up, and trash was removed. Lily has taken a renewed interest in her old puppy hiding spot - the safe zone under the bench. When she was a few months old, it was the place to retreat when the big dogs became a bit too much for her to handle. Now it's the perfect place to relax in the sun. It's not quite as glamorous as Sadie's beach blanket, but it will do on a city summer afternoon.

MM & RY 2009

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

#WeekendRoadtrip Travel Logistics

Sadie and Lily's #WeekendRoadTrip Ride

Sadie and Lily thoroughly enjoyed sharing some information about three of their favorite destinations - Graceland, Brazil and the Delmarva Peninsula - during the #WeekendRoadtrip held over the 2009 Memorial Day weekend. We explored Wikipedia articles and Flickr photo streams to showcase some of the best online materials we could find related to these settings.

The event was sponsored by two of our Twitter Anipals, @GD_Kenworth and @Flicka47. They worked to organize the event, and along with many others who served as tourguides, bartenders, DJs, competition hosts, and event MCs, Anipals partied around the world for over 24 hours to raise money for Veteran's K-9 Corps.

View #WeekendRoadtrip in a larger map

Fairmount Dog Stories Tweeples created a map of the global destinations shared by all of the #weekendroadtrip tourguides. An event Wiki was created that shows the entire electronic pawprint of the event. Folks shared photos and videos, stories and adventures throughout the weekend. Perhaps more than previous #pawpawty events, this one truly captured Anipal Twitterpower, since the entire theme was one of connecting global geographic settings for the goal of raising funds for animals in need.

As for Sadie and Lily, they are eager to pull out the Airstream trailer for another adventure in the near future. In the meantime we can be found in the throws of a Rawhide War most any evening on Twitter.

MM & RY 2009

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